Amazing Grace

Grace, an eight month old Chinese Shar Pei mix, was brought into the shelter as a stray from Selwyn Township in October of last year. When Grace arrived we scheduled an appointment with a local vet clinic and it was determined that she had a serious skin condition called Demodicosis or mange. This condition caused her to lose her fur and develop thickened red areas over her entire body.

The mange is caused by a mite, which occurs naturally in the hair follicles of most dogs, and almost never causes problems. However, in certain situations, such as impaired immune system, intense stress, or malnutrition, the mites can reproduce rapidly, causing debilitating symptoms in sensitive dogs.

We treated Grace for two months and the mange cleared up wonderfully. With the inflammation in Grace’s face subdued, it became apparent she also suffered from entropian – a very uncomfortable condition which causes the eyelids to curl inwards, causing significant irritation to the surface of the eye. If not addressed, entopian can lead to more serious eye problems later in life. The only way to correct this issue is through surgery, and that surgery costs upwards of $1,000.

We decided to send out a press release to the local media, asking for community support. Within minutes we saw the first donation come in. We were absolutely amazed and could not believe how quickly people were responding. By the end of the day we had already raised a few hundred dollars.

But the story does not stop there. When we arrived to the office following the weekend, we discovered that even more people had made their donation online. There were donations ranging from $5 to $500. When it is all said and done we raised close to $10,000 to help pay for Grace’s surgery.

All of the extra money raised went directly into the Milo Fund. The Milo Fund was set up in honour of a young terrier, who had been badly injured before he came into our care. This fund was established to help other animals in need of life-saving medical attention. One hundred percent of every charitable donation made to the Milo Fund is used solely for life-saving medical care.

On Tuesday, December, 16th, Grace went in for her surgery and it was a success. We are happy to report that she is doing well and loving her life in her new forever home.

Through the amazing support of the community we were able to help Grace, an animal in desperate need, and even more, we were able to provide lifesaving surgery for other animals in our care.

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