Community Impact

More Jobs

When complete the project will increase the amount of local jobs from 16 to over 40. The building is designed for future additions to support growth in the Dog Rehabilitation Programs and the spay and neuter clinic.

Continuing Educational Partnerships

Trent University and Fleming College have provided letters of support and partnership because PHS and Ontario SPCA have offered to allow student placements, research projects and access to the building for their students.

Children’s Programming

Children’s education program will be made available for the public, to teach youth humane education including responsible pet ownership and pet safety.

Pet Friendly Community Resources

This new facility will provide a new off-leash dog park that is open to the public.

Increase Tourism

The OSPCA Rehabilitation Centre is a one of a kind facility that will be open to the pubic and will generate regular visitors to the Peterborough Community.

Increased Use of Local Airport

Many of the dogs coming to the OSPCA Rehabilitation Centre will be transported from all across the Province; this at times will require the use of the Peterborough Airport.

Province Wide Public Awareness

There will be regular media coverage of these programs and lifesaving services that are provided in the Peterborough area.