OSPCA Rehab Facility

The Ontario Provincial Dog Rehabilitation Centre will be the first of its kind in Canada and one of only a handful in North America.

Dogs with special needs can easily overwhelm animal shelters, or rescue organizations, that are already stretched to their limits. But at the new Dog Rehabilitation centre Ontario SPCA staff will create a customized plan for each canine. With expert care and a tailored program of behaviour modification, even dogs who have been rescued from long term confinement or who suffered years of abuse will have the time they need to gain the socialization skills and training they were deprived of and go on to lead the kind of life all dogs deserve.

Dogs from all over the province will enter the Dog Rehabilitation Program in Peterborough through the Ontario SPCA network and with their affiliated Humane Societies. In addition, Ontario SPCA has partnerships with many First Nation communities to provide health and wellness days for their dog population and, when asked by First Nations leaders, will remove a selection of dogs to find their forever homes off the reserve. For many of these First Nations dogs a stop at the Provincial Dog Rehabilitation program will give them the extra support they enter their forever home with their tail wagging.

Featured programs and services:

  • Aqua therapy pool and underwater treadmill
  • A real family living room to help dogs practice living in a home environment.
  • Indoor and outdoor off-leash areas
  • Flexible training rooms that can be adapted to overcome situational problems such as resource guarding or fear of certain noises.
  • Dogs will get help with grooming, basic obedience training and access to vets in Peterborough for their health needs.
  • All the areas are open to the public and everyone is welcome to see first-hand the life-saving difference in action.