The Building

Healthier environment for the animals

Lett Architects studied all recent animal care centers in Canada to learn about best practices before designing the building. From that study Lett Architects have built a robust infection control system in the building because air borne illnesses are the main problems in all shelters. A state of the art HVAC system is at the centre of the plan and this will be the only shelter in Canada to meet the best practice in air circulation for animal shelters.

Green programs

The shelter will be accessible to all and built green from the ground up with every square foot carefully considered to prioritize animal welfare while ensuring sustainability and cost effectiveness. It will include a green roof, a water retention pond to manage the storm water release and feature large outdoor dog runs which are open to the public. The whole building is designed to LEED Silver level standards.


Lett Architects Inc. • Lonergan Engineering Inc. • John Angus & Asoc. Inc. • Ravens Engineering Inc. • Basterfield & Associates Landscape Architects • D.M. Wills Associates Ltd.