Duke – Spokesanimal

Duke was a three month old abused puppy when my husband and I adopted him. He was frightened of all men and protective of young children. A day after he arrived at the Peterborough Humane Society we came to visit and fell in love immediately. He climbed onto my lap and curled up for a cuddle the first moment we met and has been there ever since.

Duke has had many adventures. Starting on a camping trip with saving a little boy from drowning in Fredericton. Duke was 6 months old and had just learnt to swim the week before – he was a powerful swimmer right away.

There was a river with a very fast current in front of where we were camped. A little boy was in swimming and had drifted into the current, he stared screaming for help, we knew we couldn’t reach him fast enough, although we’d try, we yelled at him saying we’re going to throw Duke’s ball just past you, when Duke turns around to come back into shore, grab his tail, he’ll pull you in (we hoped). That’s exactly what happened. Duke slowed down for the boy to grab on, and pulled him to shore. It was pretty amazing!

Duke’s been to Mexico twice with us and has traveled across both Canada and the US multiple times.

He’s the best cuddlier in the world and a great trail companion. We’ve hiked 1000s of kilometers over the years. Because of Duke I’ve actually have entered into 10 half marathons!

Now Duke is 10, he’s slowing down a little.  But, he’s still the fastest and most determined when it comes to fetching a stick or ball out of any body of water.

Sofie Andreou

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