Milo Fund

Many of the animals who enter our shelter require medical care and even life-changing surgery before going up for adoption. The cost associated with providing them with such medical help however quickly adds up. Our Milo Fund was created to provide life-changing surgery for animals that need it, allowing them to be adopted into loving forever homes.

In 2019 38 animals received much needed surgery through the Milo Fund, including our friend Waffles, now named Blinky, a Catahoula Leopard dog of just over four years old. Blinky suffered from a painful condition called entropion, meaning that his eyelids were turned inward causing his lashes and skin to rub against the surface of his eyes.

Thanks to the generous contributions made to our Milo Fund, Blinky had his eye surgery early in June 2019 and was adopted by a loving family, joining their pack of happy hounds on a farm.

Blinky’s potential was bottled up by the pain caused by his condition. The work of Peterborough Humane Society has unleashed this dog’s full potential and we are all better for it. PHS gives us all the chance to give the animals a chance, and for that we are thankful  – Ben van Veen, Blinky’s dad.

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