Milo Fund

Road to Recovery

Many of the animals who enter our shelter require medical care and even life-changing surgery before going up for adoption. The cost associated with providing them with such medical help however quickly adds up. Our Milo Fund was developed to enable us to have funds to allow the surgery for animals that need it, allowing them to be adopted into loving forever homes.

In 2022 20 animals received much needed surgery through the Milo Fund, including our friend Duke, now named Frankie, an orange love bug of a cat. Frankie suffered multiple front bone and nasal fractures with hemorrhage from both eyes and extreme cranial & facial swelling.

Thanks to the generous contributions made to our Milo Fund, Frankie was able to make a full recovery and became available for adoption, finding his forever family.

Healthy & Happy


Frankie has settled in wonderfully. He’s quite the polite gentleman. He likes to give hugs and seems to respond more when you smile at him. He gets the zoomies usually around 4am. He likes to play peekaboo behind the curtains. He likes to drape himself in weird positions on top of you. He’s a very sweet, gentle boy. We’re very happy to have him. Emily H

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