Cruelty Investigation

As announced on March 4, 2019, the Ontario SPCA will transition all investigations and legislation enforcement to the provincial government as of 4:30 pm on June 28, 2019.

The Ontario SPCA will be available to assist law enforcement agencies through Ontario SPCA Enforcement Support Services.  310-SPCA is still being offered to law enforcement agencies as the number to call to access a representative for Ontario SPCA Enforcement Support Services.

Please note that  as of June 29, 2019, ALL cases of suspected cruelty or neglect will be forwarded to police for follow-up. Ontario SPCA Officers will no longer have the authority to respond to cruelty or neglect cases as of 4:30 PM on June 28, 2019.

If you suspect animal cruelty and wish to report it, please contact 1-833-9 ANIMAL (926-4625) or your local police service for assistance.