Shelter Shots Calendar Pictures!

Hello, everyone! We just want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who made this calendar possible: all of our wonderful friends in the NHL, all of the beautiful animals that posed so well with them, and of course the photographers.

The photos you see below are all beautifully done, and we know you’ll agree that it helped us bring you something wonderful. We hope you look forward to putting this calendar up and seeing these beautiful images.

Photo by: Amanda Rowden                             Photo by: Rob McKnight   
Instagram: @amandarowdenphotography


Photo by: Bryan Reid                                       Photo by: Jessica Melnik                              
Twitter: @bryanreid                                         @jessica.melnik                
Instagram:@bryanreidphoto                          @jessicamariemelnik


Photo by: Illona Haus                                       Photo by: Eleanor Dobbins                 
Twitter: @scruffydogphoto                              @EleanorDobbins       
Instagram: @scruffydogphotography            @eleanordobbins



Photo by: Brandon Eskra                                  Photo by: Mike Taylor                                    


Photos by: Peter Nguyen
Twitter: @PeterNguyenPix
Instagram: @peternguyenimages


Photo by: Todd Gimblette                                        Photo by: Peter Nguyen
Twitter: @Racehorsephoto


All proceeds from the sale of this calendar will go towards offsetting rising shelter costs. Thank you so much for your continued support.