Gift of Securities Form – The Peterborough Humane Society – 2023A donation of publicly-listed securities or mutual fund shares is the most efficient way to give back and support animals in your local community. With a donation of securities or mutual funds, capital gains tax does not apply, allowing you to give more and avoid paying capital gains taxes.



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How it works

When you donate stocks, bonds, shares of mutual funds, futures or options to Peterborough Humane Society, you will not pay tax on the capital gain. If you sell your securities, tax must be paid on 50% of any capital gain. The combined benefit of not paying tax on the capital gain and the charitable tax receipt you receive provides excellent tax benefits.

You can transfer your shares electronically, and your charitable tax receipt will reflect the value of the securities on the date we receive them.


The advantage of donating assets in-kind is that you will not have to pay tax on any capital gains. You can use that donation receipt to offset taxes payable on other sources of income or investments.


Your gift of securities, combined with Peterborough Humane Society’s commitment to being a safe haven for the stray, abandoned, abused or surrendered pets of Peterborough and the Kawarthas, will help bring us one step closer to ensuring a happy life in a loving forever home for each animal that comes into our care.

An example:

  Selling Shares & Donating Cash Donating Shares
Fair Market Value of Shares $25,000 $25,000
Cost of Shares $5,000 $5,000
Capital Gains Realized $20,000 $20,000
Taxable Capital Gain $10,000 (50% capital gain inclusion) $0

Questions? Call 705-760-4451 or email


Questions? Call 705-760-4451 or email