We offer both individual and communal cremation services for your deceased pet.

With an individual cremation, you would receive your pet’s ashes back in an urn. You are able to choose the urn and there are other memorial items such as a keepsake paw print.

With a communal cremation, you would not receive your pet’s ashes back, but may still choose to purchase a keepsake paw print.

Cremation services are by appointment only during regular business hours. Please call 705-745-4722 and speak with a Customer Experience Specialist to assist you with your cremation needs and/or questions.

Please note: It takes approximately one week for ashes/paw prints to be returned as this service is conducted by a third-party organization.

Pet Cremation 

Pet Weight Communal Cremation Individual Cremation (returned ashes)
Small – <10lbs $45 $180
Medium – 11lbs – 40lbs $85 $210
Large – 41lbs – 90lbs $170 $295
X-Large – over 90lbs $210 $325
Memorial Clay Paw Print $48 $48
Precious Paw Print Glazed  $80 $80