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Reuniting Families

On this page, we share stray animals that come into PHS in an effort to reunite them with their families. If you see a pet that may be a match to your lost pet, please contact us right away at (705) 745-4722 x 200 or email [email protected].

Upon arrival, all stray animals are scanned for a microchip and given an intake exam that consists of a core vaccine, internal/external parasite prevention and any other medical treatments as needed.

Stray animals will be posted for 72 hours (3 business days). To reclaim your animal, proof of ownership will be required and payment of applicable impound & licensing fees. If an owner does not come forward, our team begins preparing the pet for adoption. This includes a spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, or other routine medical care.

You can learn more about our adoption process here!

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Found Pets