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Cremation Services

Peterborough Humane Society currently offers both individual and communal cremation services. Individual cremation comes with a choice of basic urns or cedar chest. Name engraving is included.

Owners can choose to have a basic clay paw print made whether they choose communal or individual cremation services, for additional fees.

Fancier urns, paw prints, jewellery, etc. are available to order but to simplify our services we do not offer those directly.

  • Communal Cremation:  $4.00/kg
  • Individual Cremation:  $200 PLUS an additional $4.00/kg
  • Memorial Clay Paw Print:  $50

Note: It can take 1-2 weeks for ashes to come back from Gateway. Specialty products can take 6-8 weeks. We will call you when items are ready for pick up.

Please call 705-745-4722 and speak with a Customer Experience Specialist to assist you with your cremation needs and/or questions.