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Making the decision to rehome your pet is never easy

If you own a pet that you are no longer able to provide care for, Peterborough Humane Society will accept animal surrenders from residents from within Peterborough County.

Please note that we take animal surrenders in by appointment only and a surrender fee does apply.

We understand that surrendering your pet is emotional, so please take time to think about your decision. Once the surrender process has been completed, the ownership of your pet is transferred to Peterborough Humane Society and we become solely responsible for their well being until their adoption.

To rehome your animal, you must fill out an application form.

Surrenders are by appointment only.

We ask you to provide the following:

  • Your pet’s medical records (or the name of your pet’s veterinarian clinic)
  • Please supply us with any medical or behavioural information so that staff can match your pet with the appropriate home
  • A piece of photo identification for yourself
  • To help reduce your pet’s stress, we ask that you bring items that are familiar to them such as favorite toys and a blanket