Costco Kittens Story

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Meet the ‘Costco Kittens’!

This past June, on one of the hottest days of the summer, a litter of very young kittens was discovered dumped in an old oil bucket in the Peterborough Costco parking lot.

Thankfully these tiny creatures were brought to the Peterborough Humane Society where staff immediately jumped to attention to assess and save them. They were hot, malnourished, neglected and dehydrated. If these kittens had not come into our care when they did, within hours their outcome would have been devastating. In addition to careful and thorough exams, each kitten received individual care, vaccinations, deflea and deworm … everything possible to get these kittens well and start them on their journey to recovery.

The kittens were given Costco themed names such as Kirkland, Gold Star, Brandie, Bulky, Parkway and of course Costco!

They were monitored while receiving around-the-clock care, including constant bottle-feeding, bathing, eye-care and grooming. It took true dedication, proper food, medication and lots of love, but it was heartwarming to watch them begin to recover and develop their own individual little kitten personalities. Their evolving stories were shared and went viral on social media by PHS and foster Kim (@my.jerk.cats) and they quickly stole everyone’s hearts.

Without the generous support from donors like you, this life saving work would not be possible.

The Costco Kittens story made an impact on our community because we all share the same desire – to better animal wellness. Their story is the core of what we do. It is a reality of what the Peterborough Humane Society does on a day-to-day basis.

After receiving this exceptional care with us, each Costco kitten was able to find a loving family to call their own.

Parkway, now goes by Cheeto! Cheeto is quite the snuggly fella, he loves to eat and play with his dog sister. Cheeto is very social and outgoing, for this we attribute the excellent care that he received during his care and stay at Peterborough Humane Society.  – Jillian

Not only were the lives of these kittens changed, but so were the lives of the adopters with their new family additions.

Support from our community makes ‘Happy Tails’ like these possible…

King Baby Hotdog Water (Bulky)

“King Baby is the sweetest kitten. He is cuddly, playful, adventurous and has a growing sassy side. He has really come into our family at the best time and in the best way. He is going to grow up to be such a dapper little man.” – Emma

Sherman & Henry (Costco & Kirkland)

“Sherman & Henry  are doing splendidly, both have earth-shaking purrs, and both have just discovered they can jump onto the kitchen counters.” – Hugh & Julie

Luna (Brandie)

“Luna is a very affectionate, curious kitten. She tore into our hearts within minutes and into the hearts of our 2 Huskies, Tundra and Nukka. She rules the roost. She sleeps with Tundra on the same bed at night. Luna has adjusted very well in our fur baby home.” – Terry & Adam

Gold Star

“Gold Star is doing really well. She loves running around the house and playing with her new big brother Eddie. We gave her the nickname Goldie and she is our gold star. Goldie loves kids and is very silly. Thank you to the Peterborough Humane Society and her first foster home for taking care of Gold Star when she was sick and helping her become part of our family.” – Tilly B, Goldie’s ten-year-old best friend

Kittens in Foster Care

“The Costco kittens were a challenging litter to foster, being so ill. My favourite part of fostering orphaned kittens is when I get to help them “glow up”. It’s so rewarding to watch them change from crusty sick little messes to beautiful healthy socialized kittens. I’m honoured that PHS trusts me to care for their most vulnerable “guests” and be part of their journey to start new lives with their adopted families.” – Kim, Volunteer Foster

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The Peterborough Humane Society cares for more animals than ever before; thousands come through our doors each year that require food, care, medicine, shelter and love.

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