Grace’s Story: 8 month old Shar Pei needs $1,000 surgery

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In October, Grace, an 8 month old Chinese Shar Pei mix, was brought into the Peterborough Humane Society as a stray from Selwyn Township. When she arrived she was in good spirits despite having a serious skin condition which caused her to lose her fur and develop thickened red areas over her entire body. The skin on her face was so swollen it was difficult to determine her breed.

We are unsure how long she had been lost and alone, but the individual who brought Grace into the shelter said she had been hanging around their property for close to a week. Right away we knew she was a lovely dog with a big heart. Even though she was covered in sores and had lost most of her fur, Grace’s tail never stopped wagging.

We quickly arranged an appointment with an Animal Hospital to have her fully examined and to determine the extent of her illness. She was soon diagnosed with a mange condition called Demodicosis. The mange is caused by a mite, which occurs naturally in the hair follicles of most dogs, and almost never causes problems. However, in certain situations, such as impaired immune system, intense stress, or malnutrition, the mites can reproduce rapidly, causing debilitating symptoms in sensitive dogs.

Without any hesitation, our Executive Director, Judy O’Brien, said we would do everything in our power to help bring Grace back to health.

Grace’s condition requires several months’ treatment. She has now been on her treatment for over a month and has shown incredible improvements. Her fur has begun to grow back and her skin is no longer red and irritated.

Last week we were able to find a foster home for Grace while she waits for her surgery. She is doing very well with her foster family learning proper house manners, life skills and socializing with other dogs and cats.

With the inflammation in Grace’s face now subdued, it has become apparent she also suffers from entropian – a very uncomfortable condition which causes the eyelids to curl inwards, causing significant irritation to the surface of the eye. If not addressed, entopian can lead to more serious eye problems later in life. The only way to correct this issue is through surgery and that surgery will cost upwards of $1,000.

In order for us to pay for Grace’s surgery we need the community’s help.

Without any government funding, the Peterborough Humane Society relies solely on the generosity of the community to help run the shelter. Often when we are faced with a situation like Grace’s and we need extra support in order provide the proper care.

A number of years ago we set up the Milo Fund, in honour of a young terrier who had been badly injured before he came into our care. Milo had suffered massive injuries to his hind legs and needed several pins and plates in his legs to help him walk again.  Although necessary, this procedure was extremely costly.

Thankfully, the wonderful veterinarians within our community rallied in support of Milo. They performed the surgery that Milo so desperately needed at no charge. However, Milo required continuous care and our shelter did not have the funds for the necessary treatment.

That’s when something amazing happened.  Community donations began pouring in and we were able to help Milo fully recover from his injuries.

As a result of our community’s generosity, the Milo Fund was established to help other animals in need of life-saving medical attention. One hundred percent of every charitable donation made to the Milo Fund is used solely for life-saving medical care.

We ask that during this busy time of year, you consider Grace, the young, energetic and lovable Chinese Shar Pei mix, who needs your help to get the surgery she needs.

To donate to Grace and the Milo Fund click here.

For more information please contact:

Judy O’Brien
Executive Director, Peterborough Humane Society
Tel: 705-745-4722 ext. 207