IMMEDIATE RELEASE Horses in improved overall health at Peterborough Farm

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Horses in improved overall health at Peterborough Farm

Newmarket, ON (July 28, 2016) – As the investigation of a horse farm near Peterborough continues, an Ontario SPCA officer and a veterinarian visited the property today and found the animals were receiving the care they require and were in improved overall health. A farrier is also scheduled to visit the property to examine the herd’s hoof care.

An Ontario SPCA officer and a veterinarian have visited the property several times since July 12, 2016, when they were called to investigate complaints about the care of horses on the property. Unverified images depicting extremely thin horses have been circulating on social media, but officers attending the property did not find animals in that condition.

If anyone has any new information that may assist us in this investigation, please call 310-SPCA immediately. The Ontario SPCA follows up on all information provided to us through cruelty complaints.  We encourage people to report animal cruelty, but want to remind the public that false reports are considered an offense and you could potentially be charged for filing a false report.

By law, all evidence, including video evidence, must be less than six months old in order for the Ontario SPCA to act. Evidence older than that is deeded inadmissible in court and can’t be used.


During an investigation we check to ensure animals have food, water shelter, and are being provided the necessary care. The Society has the authority to remove an animal if/when the following situations have occurred:

  1. An animal is in immediate distress
  2. A veterinarian has recommended the removal of the animal to ensure the animal gets the care it requires
  3. Ontario SPCA Act Orders have been issued but were not complied with


To clarify our authority, the Ontario SPCA Act allows the Society to investigate reports of animal cruelty. Although the Society can address the care of the animals and any concerns for those animals, we do not have the authority to decide whether a person can own an animal. Only a judge can prohibit a person from owning an animal.



Melissa Kosowan

Ontario SPCA