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Be a responsible pet owner – Buy a license for your dog or cat this winter

“Everyone who has ever had a pet get out knows the heart-wrenching fear of wondering where they are, whether they are safe,” says Peterborough Humane Society Manager of Development and Outreach Susan Dunkley. “We love our pets. They become important members of our family, and to lose them can be heart-breaking.”

No matter how well trained a dog or cat is, they can still get lost in a moment of distraction. “Getting your pet licensed is a proactive way to protect them,” Dunkley notes. “The license tag allows us to quickly identify your dog or cat, contact you, and get you reunited much sooner. Just like making sure you are giving your pet enough exercise, food, and water, licensing your pet is a necessary part of responsible pet ownership.”

She goes on to explain that according to the City of Peterborough’s Animal By-Law, all dogs and cats must be licensed. “2017 was the first year that cats were required to be licensed in Peterborough, and we’ve been really excited by the number of people in the community who have embraced tagging for all of their pets in response to this.”

This year, pet owners can purchase licenses for their dogs and cats between November 15th  and January 31st.   As of February, licensing fees will increase, and those who do not purchase licenses by the deadline could be fined.

All license fees collected go to support your Peterborough Humane Society, and help to pay for the sheltering and feeding of animals at the shelter, in addition to veterinary care, animal rescue, investigation of animal cruelty, adopting animals to forever families, 24/7 emergency response, and the many other crucial services that Peterborough Humane Society performs to keep our neighborhoods safe for people and their pets. On average it costs between $35 and $50 per day to assist animals that are cared for at the shelter.

Pet licensing costs $25 for spayed or neutered dogs or $50 for unaltered dogs, and seniors only pay $15 or $35, depending on whether the dog is spayed or neutered. For spayed or neutered cats, licensing costs $20, or $25 for unaltered cats.  Seniors (Age 65 and older) pay a fee of $10 for spayed or neutered cats, and $15 if unaltered.

Licenses can be purchased online at and in-person at the Peterborough Humane Society Centre at 385 Lansdowne Street East from Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pet owners should be sure to bring proof of rabies immunization, as all cats and dogs over three months of age must be up-to-date on their rabies shot. Dog and cat license renewal can be expedited at the centre by bringing along the renewal notice.

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