North Bay Woman Convicted of Four Counts of Animal Cruelty

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North Bay, ON (September 8, 2015) – On September 2, 2015, Karen Lamarre of North Bay, Ontario, was convicted of four counts of animal cruelty under the Ontario SPCA Act.

 One count of permitting distress to an animal
 One count for failing to comply with standards of care- fail to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention
 One count for failing to comply with standards of care- fail to provide care necessary for their general welfare
 One count of failing to comply with an order served

On January 26, 2015, the North Bay and District Humane Society received a report regarding a dog with poor coat condition at the residence of Karen Lamarre.

On January 28, 2015, an Ontario SPCA agent attended the scene and observed the approximately 5 year old Labrador dog to have had hair loss, red, raw, and inflamed skin, and very swollen and sensitive ears. An Ontario SPCA Act Order was issued to the owner to provide the dog with veterinary care.

The dog was later removed due to its medical distress and the owner’s failure to comply with an Ontario SPCA Order. The owner failed to provide adequate and appropriate attention, and care necessary for the dog’s general welfare, as defined by the Ontario SPCA Act.

The dog received immediate veterinary care and was found to have ear infections in both ears. Her left ear canal was swollen, thickened and had shut completely. She had secondary yeast and bacterial infections and the majority of her body was bald and raw from scratching.

After being placed on a special diet, multiple medications, and bathed daily over the course of the next four weeks, she made a full recovery. The dog has since been adopted into a loving home.

Lamarre was sentenced to a lifetime prohibition on animal ownership, inspection rights for the next 6 months, and probation for the next 2 years. Conditions of her probation include that she pay restitution in the amount of $1862.86 and notify of any change in address.

“There is no excuse to let an animal go without proper veterinary medical attention,” says Lynn Michaud, Senior Inspector, Ontario SPCA. “If you are unable to care for your animal, contact your Ontario SPCA Community Society to discuss what options are available.”

To report cruelty please call 310-SPCA or email your concern to