Open House and Annual Licensing Launch – Badu’s Journey Home

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PETERBOROUGH – One of the first things Sarah Reurekas and Scott Bolton did when they adopted their dog, Badu, was get him licensed. “We did a lot of research before we rescued Badu,” said Sarah, a registered massage therapist. “Scott and I scoured the web to get information so that we were prepared. Rescue animals can be skittish, and may even wander until they feel confident and secure in their forever home. We knew if we were going to adopt Badu we would have to get him licensed right away for these very reasons and the fact he was so darn cute. We wanted to make sure if he ever did go missing he would be returned to us.”

It’s a good thing Sarah and Scott were proactive. Recently, Sarah was involved in a collision close to Fife’s Bay on Lindsay Road – approximately seven kilometers from their home. “Badu was in the back of the car,” Sarah recalls. “He jumped out during all of the commotion from the accident and wandered off. It was absolutely heartbreaking.”
In addition to having Badu licensed, Sarah and Scott did everything they could to alert as many people within the community to the fact Badu was missing. “CHEX was amazing and shared Badu’s story on the news,” Sarah explains. “We tweeted his picture and any updates we had as well as cautioning people he might be frightened and to keep this in mind if they saw him. And of course we alerted the Peterborough Humane Society (PHS) because we knew they would do whatever they could to help find Badu.”

Thankfully, after more than four days and nights spent away from his owners, Badu found his way home. “It was about 4 am when we heard him in the back yard,” Sarah recalls. “I can’t even express how happy I was to see him. Scott and I were overjoyed and so grateful for all of the community support we received during a time when we were both an emotional wreck. We were fortunate Badu made his way back to us and urge everyone who is considering bringing an animal into their life to get them licensed.”

Please join the Peterborough Humane Society during their Annual Pet Licensing Launch on Monday, November 3rd. “We are opening our doors at the shelter to encourage pet owners to get their animals licensed,” says Judy O’Brien, Executive Director of the Peterborough Humane Society. “Badu’s story truly drives home the need for licensing your pet.”

Click here to purchase your dog license online.

The PHS welcomes you to the shelter at 385 Lansdowne Street East, from 4:00pm-7:00 pm and hopes you will join them in making this their most successful licensing launch to date. Everyone who purchases their dog’s license at the launch will be entered into a draw for a pair or Petes tickets, which was graciously donated by our friends the Peterborough Petes and a signed Petes jersey donated by Darling Insurance.

Also, during our Open House and Annual Licensing Launch ONLY, all kittens and cats will be available for adoption for $50 and dogs will be $150.

Story By Carol Lawless

Photo By Christina Robertson Photography