PHS Introduces Lemon, “spokes dog” for the 2016 Friends for Life! Walk

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Andrew Fraser, Executive Director Peterborough Humane Society introduced Lemon, the “spokes dog” for the PHS Friends for Life! Walk to the media at Montana’s Cookhouse yesterday.

Lemon arrived at PHS as a 4-month old stray unable to put weight on her left hind leg. X-rays revealed a fractured femur that had begun to heal. Given the nature and location of the break, the veterinary team recommended amputation but were confident that with Lemon’s youth and slight size she would adjust to life on three legs. Based on this positive prognosis, despite the cost, PHS decided Lemon would have the surgery and receive the chance to find that very special “forever home.”

The Friends for Life! Walk is your opportunity to help Lemon and animals like her. Register and raise funds for the Friends for Life Walk.

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