Sally needs Peterborough’s help: Four year-old lab/shepherd mix gets 44 stitches in horrific accident

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PETERBOROUOGH – The Peterborough Humane Society needs Peterborough’s help to pay for Sally’s life-saving emergency surgery vet bill.

Sally, a four year-old lab/shepherd mix has had a whirl wind couple of month since coming to us in late May.


Over the long weekend, our Animal Control Officer was called out to Douro-Dummer Township for a dog running at large with severe injuries to its side. When our Officer arrived on the scene, he was able to identify the dog as Sally.

Sally has been in our foster program since giving birth to 10 healthy puppies on June 13th. While living at her foster home, Sally was able to push open a window, which she then jumped from, impaling her side on a stake in the ground.

Our Officer followed members of the public who had Sally in car to the Kawartha Veterinary Emergency Clinic where she received immediate care which saved her life. In total, Sally needed 44 stitches to close the 12 inch wound on her left side.


The cost for her emergency procedure is about $1,000.

We recently featured Sally on the newly designed cover of our newsletter and had a featured story about her journey into our care. When Sally was first discovered in the Selwyn area she had over 100 porcupine quills in her face and mouth. She was taken to the emergency clinic to have them removed and recovered in our care. It was during her recovery that we discovered she was pregnant with her fourth litter.


The Peterborough Humane Society needs your help. Every year more than 1,300 animals are brought into our shelter. Many animals need a new home, while others like Sally, require life-saving surgery and long term care. Providing food, shelter and medical attention for animals in our care is costly.

Without any government funding, the Peterborough Humane Society relies solely on the generosity of our community.

A number of years ago we set up the Milo Fund, in honour of a young terrier who had been badly injured before he came into our care. Milo had suffered massive injuries to his hind legs and needed several pins and plates in his legs to help him walk again.  Although necessary, this procedure was extremely costly.

Thankfully, the wonderful veterinarians within our community rallied in support of Milo. They performed the surgery that Milo so desperately needed at no charge. However, Milo required continuous care and our shelter did not have the funds for the necessary treatment.

That’s when something amazing happened.  Community donations began pouring in and we were able to help Milo fully recover from his injuries.

As a result of our community’s generosity, the Milo Fund was established to help other animals in need of life-saving medical attention. One hundred percent of every charitable donation made to the Milo Fund is used solely for life-saving medical care.

If you would like to donate to help Sally and the Milo Fund click here.