TEAMWORK Project – Quinte Humane Society

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When people unconditionally come together to do wonderful things for others it fills me with warmth, happiness and a realization that I am so proud to be part of “TEAMWORK” made up of Animal Welfare Individuals from across Ontario!

This weekend (August 8 & 9) TEAMWORK worked on renovation projects in order to improve the environment for the Quinte Humane Society and the animals in their care.  Through hard work, laughter and teamwork we were able to accomplish the majority of our goals!

One of my favorite moments was watching the staff go crazy when I removed a brand new sign from my truck and watching them smile, laugh and thank us when it was put in place by Teamwork Members.

Special thanks to the Ontario SPCA who sponsored the project!

The names of TEAMWORK volunteers are: Kevin Strooband (LCHS), Josh Matson (Ontario SPCA), Brad Dewar( Ontario SPCA), Enid Hannon (PHS), Geoff MacPhee (PHS), Tracy McElman( Ontario SPCA), Dan Pazder (PHS), Tonya Martin (Ontario SPCA), Judy O’Brien (PHS), Frank Rockett (QHS) and Spencer Rockett (QHS)