Q & A with Our Supporters

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PHS’s Campaign Manager, Alex Tindale, had a chance to sit down with one of the members of our Board of Directors, Susan Day. Susan shares how she got involved with our organization and why she believes it’s so important that animal shelters have an HVAC system and infection control protocols similar to those seen in hospitals.

Susan Day
Infection Control Practitioner, PRHC
Board of Directors, Peterborough Humane Society

What do you do for work?
I work as an Infection Control Practitioner at Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC). Prior to that I worked as a Nursing Manager and in the Manufacturing Automotive & Medical Supply industries.
Why did you join the Humane Society’s Board of Directors?
When I heard the Humane Society was planning to build a new state-of-the-art Animal Care Centre I knew I really wanted to be a part of this exciting project.
Do you have any pets at home?
Yes, Myah – a rambunctious golden retriever mix and Benny, a saucy, white, long-haired cat!
Who’s the boss? Benny or Myah?
Our cat, Benny is definitely the boss in our home! Our dog, Myah, will even back away when Benny’s at the food or water bowl. Benny likes to sleep on our kitchen table and we kept noticing that the table cloth was really messed up – to the point where it and everything else on the table would end up on the floor. One day we came home and found our 65 lb dog curled up in the middle of the table with Benny beside him!
How does your professional expertise assist with your volunteer work at PHS?
As a Board Certified Infection Control Practitioner, I have extensive training and experience to make evidence based recommendations to keep the shelter staff, volunteers and animals safe – this has been especially beneficial during COVID!
From your perspective, why is it important that an animal shelter have a HVAC system and infection control protocols that are similar to what we have in hospitals?
HVAC, or Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems, control air quality, as well as the temperature, flow, and humidity levels of the air. Microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and fungi can spread when air isn’t flowing or filtered properly and this could lead to outbreaks of disease. Like hospitals, different areas of animal shelters have different HVAC requirements based on the risk to the occupants. For example, an operating room would have very different requirements than an exam or waiting room.
What do you like most about living in Peterborough and the Kawarthas?
I was born and raised in the Peterborough area and other than going away for school, have always lived and worked here. I love living here because of the strong sense of community. I live in an amazing neighbourhood and have family and friends nearby.
Why do you support PHS?
I have always loved animals and been a strong supporter and advocate for the welfare of animals. As a monthly donor for many years, I know every dollar goes along way and that the animals rely on the community’s support!

If you’re interested in joining our Board of Directors, email board@ptbohs.com to learn more! Or visit https://www.ourpetproject.ca/donate/ to support our new Centre.