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PETERBOROUGH, ON (November 29, 2022)
Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that takes place each year after Black Friday. It is a day devoted to giving back, helping those in need and working towards a brighter future. By making a donation to the Peterborough Humane Society today, you’ll help match thousands of animals with loving families in need of the unconditional love that animals bring to our lives.

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To highlight the power of your Giving Tuesday donations, we wanted to share the story of a very special dog: meet Louis!
The story of Louis has seemed almost like a miracle. Louis, a 2.5 year-old hound mix, came into the care of the Peterborough Humane Society (PHS) in May 2022 after he was found at large in Keene, ON. He was a handsome and loving hound and won the hearts of staff and volunteers in no time with his loving demeanor, showing his affection with kisses. He spent months in our care, receiving medical attention and neutering before going up for adoption. By mid-June he was ready to find his new family! Although he had stolen the hearts of all the staff at PHS with his sweetness, he spent many months looking for his ‘fur’ever family. Louis’ only hurdle was needing a family who was hound- savvy and could keep his nose and wandering nature in check.
Finally, after months of waiting, in September Louis finally found a family to call his own.

Louis’ adoption was one of the highlights of our year, the shelter sweetheart had finally gone to a home. Unfortunately, the celebration was short lived. Due to his hound personality and attributes he promptly followed his nose and got away from his new adoptive family. Louis was then ‘on the run’ for a month, with sightings happening here and there but no one was able to catch him. With more sightings and pictures the staff at the Humane Society noticed that one of Louis legs looked severely swollen and damaged, and he was extremely thin. Our team then set a trap close to where Louis was last seen and finally after exactly one month on the run, our team successfully secured Louis and brought him back to PHS!

Louis’ Broken Leg
X-ray of Louis’ leg

Unfortunately, being out on his own for so long paid a toll on his physical health. His hind leg was visibly hurt and he was suffering dehydration and starvation. X-rays showed that he had a broken leg and required immediate amputation.

Louis has shown the characteristics of a true survivor and warrior after surgery. He was even up and walking on his first day back and he has healed phenomenally.



Louis Sleeping
Louis enjoying a comfy bed

Louis’ story is just one of the incredible examples of the care PHS provides to animals that come into our care. You can be a huge part of our ongoing care journey for animals by giving back this holiday season and donating to help animals in need of life changing care…

We know that miracles happen, and you can help bring holiday magic to animals in need.

This GivingTuesday, please donate to help change the lives of hundreds of lost, abandoned or injured animals like Louis who come into the care of PHS so they can find their ‘fur’ever homes.

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Once back at the shelter, one of our Animal Care Attendants took a particular liking to Louis and would give him the extra help and support he needed, including going into the kennel with him and helping him eat with his cone on, putting cream on his incision and taking him on short walks. She absolutely fell in love with him and asked her mom if they could foster him until he was fully healed and got comfortable walking with his three legs. Her mom said yes and the rest is history!

Louis took some time to get comfortable walking on his three legs and making sense of being in a home. He had his fair share of accidents in the house and had some separation anxiety but with lots of love, patience, and good food he came into his own and finally was able to just be a dog.
Once Louis’s incision had healed and he had gained some weight he was finally ready for his forever home – he had effectively won the hearts of his foster family and they decided that they wanted to officially adopt him.

Louis has now been a part of their family for about a year. He is doing exceptionally well and getting absolutely spoiled! Along with his human family, he also lives with his two best dog friends Gaia and Gimli and is very happy to always have their company. He loves his walks and playing with his toys (he has a box he goes into to choose his favorite) and his foster family often says ‘he fully believes he still has 4 legs’. He is the sweetest and most gentle boy and still shows his affection with face kisses.

A note from his new family:
‘When Louis first came to me in November 2022 he had just had his leg amputated and he was very thin, quiet and shy. When a new person came into the house he went and hid in the laundry room. When we went for walks he would take a few steps and then want to go back home. He was afraid of other dogs, people, and loud noises. It has been about a year and you should see him now! He is so brave on his walks and has made so many new dog and people friends! He is the sweetest and most gentle boy and always greets us when we walk in the door with his tail wagging and ready for love. We have put in a storm door so he can watch outside as he loves watching the birds and squirrels (as all hounds do). He is starting to find his voice and lets out his true hound howl when he gets excited. We are so happy to have Louis as a part of our family and truly couldn’t imagine our lives without him!”

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